Looking for a black cat in a dark room

Задание тура

Congratulation, sleuths!
You have arrived to your final task. All the puzzles are cracked. So your team can add one more detective case into your portfolio.
But who are you - the heroes of the day? Was the case difficult for you or was it a piece of cake?
You are welcome to share your thoughts with us!

Prepare a report in the form of comics, describing the process of working of each member of the team and the impression from the web-quest.

Содержательная составляющая
Introduce your team in a special way:

  • make some images in your comics, describing every member of your team;
  • add some information about his /her role at the investigation;
  • don't be shy, express your emotions, opinions.
Thank you for your job! It was great!

Техническая составляющая
The following services for creating comics (e.g. https://www.pixton.com/ or http://www.wittycomics.com/) might be helpful to create it. The comics must be presented on your team's page and be available to any Internet user. At copying any content from the Internet the reference is obligatory.

Критерии оценивания
Your product will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • quality of the comics;
  • availability of the images and information about every member of the team and other aspects of the task;
  • originality;
  • stylistic and genre characteristics.