Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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  • A dull white

Other infotmation:

  • a hole the size of a plate in each ear
  • small scar in the left armpit
  • a castle containing seats for fifteen persons, and a gold-cloth saddle-blanket the size of an ordinary carpet
  • footprint resembles the mark left when one up-ends a barrel in the snow
  • limps slightly with his right hind leg


  • the habit in a remarkable degree of squirting water upon spectators and of maltreating with his trunk.
  • It is omnivorous and especially dangerous!

Name: Hassan Ben Ali Ben Selim Abdallah Mohammed Moist Alhammal Jamsetjejeebhoy Dhuleep Sultan Ebu Bhudpoor (Jumbo)

To address the inspector Blant

Reward of 25 000 $

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