Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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Looking for a needle in a haystack
The hero of the day
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Press-conference of the inspector Blunt.                                                                                                             Inspector Blunt: Ladies and gentlemen! We were looking forward to this moment. And today I, Chief Inspector Blunt, am ready to bring the great news. Due to reporters' brilliant work you were aware of the progress made in investigating this crime. Thanks to our tireless work and skills the case of the missing white elephant is oficially closed. I knew we had a difficult job on hand, but there isn't anything hid that we can't find. The elephant called Jumbo was stolen at night. The most distinguished detectives were detailed to shadow him. The last telegram was from Baxter Center. We spent a lot of time and energy chasing him. Later I took one more superb and maserly move. This was to compromise with the robbers. And we succeeded! We found the elephant! Our noble profession is vindicated!                                                            A journalist: Why were the most distinguished detectives looking for the elephant for such a long time?           Inspector Blunt: Elephants are unbelievably clever and cunning animals.They can confound promising detectives.                                                                                                                                                            A journalist; Why did you sleep with his rotting carcass all night for three weeks but never found him?             Inspector Blunt: I had long suspected this fact. This testimony proves the unerring accuracy of my instinct.                                                                                                                                                               A journalist: Can you tell us who the robber was?                                                                                               Inspector Blunt: They are "Brick" Daffy and "Red" Mc Fadden. Ten days before the robbery was achieved I was already aware that it was to be attemted and had quietly proceeded to shadow these two noted villains. But unfortunately on the night in question their track was lost before it could be found again, the bird was flown - that is, the elephant.















A bitter pill to swallow
The last but not the least

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