Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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Looking for a needle in a haystack
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The hero of the day

Good morning! I`m chief Blunt. Finally, the case of the theft of the white elephant has been solved. Last night an elephant robber was caught, the white elephant was found, but, unfortunatelly, dead. 

I sympathize with everybody who suffered from the tragic events of the past days. This is the greatest windfall that any detective organization ever had. The fame of it will travell tothe ends of the earth  and endure to the end of time, and my name with it. We will always remember this event - looking for a white elephant! 

So, now you can ask be about everything that excites you.

- Newspaper "abc". Hello, Mr Blunt. You are really the hero of the hour but you did not say the most important thing, exciting everyone: who was the kidnepper of the white elephant?

- It is turned out that the robber was the farmer who wanted to hide the elephant and gave us wrong datum. But the elephant escaped and came to police office. 

- Journal "Fox". Good morning, Mr Blunt.Was it difficult for you to solve this case? We wonder how it was.

- Of course, every case requires efforts. But we always find the solution of any problems and searching for an elephant is not exeption.

- Newspaper "Review" . Good morning, inspector Blunt. You did a really brilliant job. You arethe king of the profession. There is  no anything that you can`t find. Does your detective organization have another good detectives like you?

- Yes! There are a lot of skilled detectives in our organization. For example, inspector Darley. He is one of the finest minds on the force. Besides, I commanded that he receive his share of the reward. Due to him and other detectives this episode of the stolen elephant was closed.

Actually, we believe that all the crimes were done not by elephant and Jumbo was protection from police to different killers and robbers. Unfortunatelly, Mr Blunt can`t solve this case or maybe he did it specially.   

A bitter pill to swallow
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The last but not the least
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