Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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It's terribly big ( height 19 feet)

It's rather strong( total length including trunk and tail - 48 feet).

You can believe me,

I am not wrong.

He has 2 ears and a very long trunk(16 feet)

I miss him. Oh, dear! (he is and only child)

Oh, my Jumbo...My little boy, country's Siam wonderful joy.

We are looking and waiting for you!

People from around! Help us too!

Finder will be rewarded with $25000

Contact mе at lostelephant@mail.ru  

Looking for a needle in a haystack
The hero of the day
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We have downloaded the video to YouTube, because we couldn't upload this video here


A bitter pill to swallow

The last but not the least

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