Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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                 STOLEN  a particularly dangerous ELETHANT       

 $25 000 cash reward

                       He is a very large dull white Siam elephant and responds to name Jumbo.

               Special signs:

  • Limps with his right hind leg
  • Has a small scar in the left armpit and a hole the size of a plate in each ear
  • He should be wearing a castle containing seats for fifteen persons on his back

          He is also omnivorous and gluttonous.

Informed to Inspector Blunt by telegraph: XXX

Looking for a needle in a haystack
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The hero of the day
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A press conference

"Who was the robber?"


-Hi! I’m Inspector Blunt.

Our noble profession is vindicated. Here is your elephant!

It was an intricate and difficult business; there were a thousand avenues of escape and opportunities of concealment. The thieves had friends and pals everywhere.

This is the greatest windfall that any detective organization ever had. The fame of it will travel to the ends of the earth, and endure to the end of time”

Enjoy it, boys, for you've earned it; and, more than that, you've earned for the detective profession undying fame."


-Excuse me. I’m a reporter from New York. I have got some questions.

-How long did the search last?

-Above 3 weeks.

-How much money was spent?

-217 000 dollars

What loss do you have?

- We have lost 2 detectives.

Thank you. You are the greatest detective we know.


-Hey, I’m a reporter from Glover.

It is known 60 detectives always were in the basement. Why didn’t they notice the elephant?

-It was foggy.

-Ok. Sixty persons had been killed, and two hundred and forty wounded. In one place the elephant had interfered with an election and killed five repeaters. More than that factories gutted, harvest devoured.

Thirty-four of the most distinguished detectives on the forces have taken part in the search. How could it happened?

- My detectives worked days and nights, took themselves in dangerous situations. It was an intricate and difficult business.

- The last question. This elephant was the gift for our country. Why have you organized his stealing?

- Hm … The fame of my name will travel to the ends of the earth!

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A bitter pill to swallow

The last but not the least

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