Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending


Looking for a needle in a haystack
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The hero of the day
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Hello, everybody! Let’s start our press-conference. And I want to give you some information about the stolen white elephant. While we were looking for him, a lot of citizens and two of the detectives were killed by the elephant. It was our mistake. We had to be faster and more creative to prevent these deaths. If you have some questions, ask me.

Correspondent 1:

Hello, Mr. Blunt. Liza Garret from «The Washington Post». All our readers are worried about this situation. How was the investigation occurred?


Each detective sent his hourly report, had a clue, and shadowed the elephant.

Correspondent 2:

Well, John Smith from «The Daily News». Say, please, who recommended to double the reward.


I did. I advised to double the reward.

Correspondent 3:

Alice Brown from « The Morning Star». What was happened with the elephant?


He was dead by occasions.

Correspondent 1:

Once more a question. Could you tell who the robber was?


The robber was the man whо transported the elephant.

Now I must apologize. I haven’t any time more.

Great investigations are waiting for me! Bye.

A bitter pill to swallow

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The last but not the least

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