Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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Looking for a needle in a haystack
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The hero of the day
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-Good morning, everybody Lets ‘s start our press conference. I'm an inspector Blunt .I was the chief inspector about "The White Elephant theft" and now I am ready to answer your questions.

-Good morning, Mr. Blunt. My name is Jonh Smith. I am a journalist of the newspaper "New York Times". This question is interesting for everyone: why did your law enforcement bodies allow such an absurd number of victims? And why could not you find the elephant for so long of time? Thank you.

I just try to answer the following 2 questions at once. There were no such cases in my practice and we were confused at first .We will take all measures to prevent such crimes in future.

-Good morning, Mr. Blunt, my name is Elizabeth Carey. I am from the newspaper "Moscow News". My question is :it was said in the announcement that for the capture of the elephant, a reward of а 100 thousand dollars was promised, and so the crime was solved by you, what did you do with the money,I wonder . Thanks.

-As everyone in my team tried to do all the best we decide to distribute the entire among them as a reward for a job. Have you got any other questions? No?Thank you for attention!

A bitter pill to swallow
The last but not the least

This web quest was very entertaining and interesting. I want to note the originality and complexity of the tasks. We were pleased to carry out the tasks, very exciting. Thank you for such interesting time. Thank you once more.

Team ELK


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