Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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Looking for a needle in a haystack
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Here is our link connected with a special site where our map is posted. In the map you can see the route of the elephant from the starting point in New Jersey to the end in the Baxter-center. If you press on each red marker you will open a note with information about time and actions of elephant.

The hero of the day
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 Press conference with Mr. Blunt
Correspondent 1: Hello, this is "New York Time" special interview. Today we are meeting with a hero of the day, the bravest man, a king of profession, a fantastic detective-Mr. Blunt.
Correspondent 2: Hello, Mr Blunt.
Mr. Blunt: Hello. I'm really glad that you invited me. Being a detective is a really hard work. But our profession is the noblest. I can say without boosting: only professionals work there. I'm proud that I met the expectations of society and solved the case of the white elephant.
Now, your questions.
Correspondent 2: So, Mr Blunt, you are now so famous! How do you feel about your fame?
Mr. Blunt: I think the fame is a thing that follows every good detective as i am. I was always sure that my fame will travel to the ends of the earth!
Correspondent 1: And, how could you stay so calm during the period of failures?
Mr. Blunt: I always say: he laughs best, who laughs last. I was sure that we will cope with these hardships. We are the best, the world's finest minds.
Correspondent 2: Mr Blunt, so, who was a robber? Did you suspect anybody?
Mr. Blunt: Yes, we did. I'm sure they were Red Mc Fadden and Brick Duffy.
Correspondent 1: Really? But we know they are dead.
Mr. Blunt: Yes. The robbers were punished by the strict hand of a law. I'm absolutely sure that they were guilty, maybe, not they themselves, but their backers.
Correspondent 1: Quite strange.
Correspondent 2: And, the last question. Are you healthy, Mr Blunt?
Mr. Blunt: Hm, yes...
Correspondent 2: Have you got a runny nose?
Mr. Blunt: No, of course, not, I'm absolutely healthy!
Correspondent 1: But why didn't you feel a smell of an elephant rotting in your basement?
Mr. Blunt: No wonder! There is such a terrible smell in each basement. Just come and try. That's why it was out of our hands.
Correspondent 1: Thanks for your answers. Now we see, that our detectives work "with flying colors"!
Correspondent 2: What a nonsense!

https://youtu.be/cYOxMOikzzk here is our video)


A bitter pill to swallow
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there is our article. We hope that you are able to understand sarcasm. If you aren't, this is our position: Mr. Blunt is really dishonest. He sees only what he wants to see. This episode with the elephant is a real nonsense. Thanks for understanding.

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