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Chef Blunt’s conference on a missing and then found white elephant.

Feb. 10, 2018 09:40 am.

Inspector Blunt held the first and only news conference to answer questions surrounding the disappearing of the white elephant.

Voice off - School number 6 presents the Inspector Blunt’s press conference on a missing and then found white elephant. Pleasant viewing!

Secretary of the Conference- Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to our Press Conference! This is our brilliant inspector Mr Blunt. He and all his guys have recently found the missing elephant. You can ask him any questions you want. Look at him-just the king of the profession; only give him a clue, it’s all he wants and there ain’t hid that he can’t find. You can ask him any questions you want.

Inspector Blunt- There! This is magnificent! This is the greatest windfall that any detective organization ever had. The fame of it will travel to the ends of the earth and endure to the end of time, and my name with it! So, I’d be happy to answer your questions.

1st journalist- We are all anxious about the missing elephant! In what condition was this poor creature when you found him?

Inspector Blunt- The thing is, the cannonshots had wounded him fatally. Bad news is that we found him when he was a rotting carcass. Poor thing!

2nd journalist- We know this investigation is rather expensive for the elephant’s owner. How much was the reward?

Inspector Blunt- You are right! Money is important; they helped us to reveal the truth. At first, we wanted to give 25,000 dollars. But then, in order to attract robbers’ attention we decided to offer 100,000 dollars. Either way, it worked.

3rd journalist- Was it difficult to find the elephant?

Inspector Blunt- You see, we made a great journey. Our guys followed the elephant's traces. He was seen in Hogansport, Glover's, Bolivia, Sage Corners, Ironville, Baxter. We got lots of useless messages but checked all the places. I would never have managed without the help of my partners and I will always remember them. I am grateful to them for their help in uncovering this case

4th journalist – Congratulations, Mr. Blunt! It’s high time to end the investigations, but we still have an intricate question. Who was the robber?

Inspector Blunt- A good question! An important question! (вскакивает с места в волнении). How to say… (Ходит вперед-назад) Hmmm.. All I’m trying to say is… The thing is.. This is top secret information. We can’t announce this information according to the rule. Later, we commit them for trial. There’s time for everything, dear friends! (Смотрит на часы) I beg your pardon! I have to go now.

Secretary of the Conference- Dear guests, thank you for visiting the meeting. Our conference is over.

Спешно выходит. За ним выходит секретарь. Диалог за закрытой дверью.

Inspector Blunt- Mr. Blunt, did I play my role well?

Secretary of the Conference- Oh, that was brilliant, son. I almost believe you!

Inspector Blunt- But if they know who the real robbers are?

Secretary of the Conference- Never! They will never reveal the truth.

Секретарь надевает пиджак инспектора, солнцезащитные очки и медленно уходит под музыку.


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