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Angelina Depp: Good afternoon! I'm Angelina Depp from the AKINS-TV". We begin our press-conference. Today we have a guest - the inspector Blunt. He has agreed to answerour questions about the latest incident. So, the first question is "How many detectives were involved?" 

 Inspector Blunt: We had to bring in nearly 300 detectives.                                                                                  

Alexander Loo: My name is Alexander Loo, from «The sun».

What evidence did led you to the elephant?

Inspector Blunt: All the detectives worked a lot and found a lot of different clues, which you learned from the newspapers.

John: Good day! My name is John, I’m from «The New York Times».

Was the accompanying of the elephant punished?

Inspector Blunt: Yes, he lost 100 000$ and he was banned working in the government.

Alexander Loo: Why did you look for the elephant for so long?

Inspector Blunt: Because the process of searching for advance is not very simple and requires a lot of time.

John: Can you compare yourself with Sherlock Holmes?

Inspector Blunt: Oh, it's very flattering, but I don't put my services so high.

Angelina Depp: And now is the main question of our press-conference – Who is the robber?

Inspector Blunt: We worked day and night and came to the conclusion that the elephant was stolen by itself.

Angelina Depp: Inspector Blunt, thank you for the meeting. Good luck in your hard work!

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