Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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Looking for a needle in a haystack
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The hero of the day
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Press secretary: Good morning, everyone! We are here today to meet the best detective of our state, the king of the profession, the hero of the hour. I`m pleased to welcome Inspector Blunt! The fame of this case will travel to the ends of the earth, and this name with it.

Inspector Blunt: I`m glad to see you, dear friends! You know, that was no ordinary case. We did a good job. Detectives were detailed to shadow the elephant and the thieves. There were 37 suspected persons and 11 theories. It was very difficult but this is the greatest windfall that any detective organization ever had.

Perss secretary: Is there any questions?
Reporter 1: New York Life. How could the elephant appear in the basement?

Inspector Blunt: The cannon shots had wounded him fatally; he had crept to that place in the fog and died.

Reporter 2: Washington Post. You couldn`t find his rotting carcass for three weeks. Why? Were you waiting till the reward would be 100 000 dollars?

Inspector Blunt: Absolutely not! Each step had to be made sure before the next is ventured.

Reporter 1: Why were you sure the criminals understand your advertisement?

Inspector Blunt: No comment! This is our secret.

Reporter 2: We are eager to know – Who was the robber?

Inspector Blunt: They were «Brick» Daffy and «Red» McFadden.

Reporter 2: But they had died!

Inspector Blunt: They want you to think so!

Reporter 1: It seems to me, you were interested in having the award!

Inspector Blunt: I`m afraid, my time has expired!

A bitter pill to swallow

(первый вариант является основным)








The last but not the least

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