Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending
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Looking for a needle in a haystack
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The hero of the day
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 The text of the video

  • Weren't you afraid to start investigating this crime?
  • No way! I was encouraged.
  • How do you combine with so many personality traits such as bravery, intelligence?
  • When I was 10 years old, I saved one little girl from burning house. Since that time I have always been helping people, I reckon it is my vocation.
  • Why did you decide to write notes to the ladies?
  • I wanted to check my intuition.
  • Can you tell us about investigation?
  • Well, here you can see the map which shows elephant's journey from Taylorville to Baxter Center.
  • Did you take part in elephant's kidnaping?
  • I'm notes going to discuss this question ...



A bitter pill to swallow
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The last but not the least
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