Looking for a black cat in a dark room

A good beginning makes a good ending

Looking for a needle in a haystack
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The hero of the day
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Hello! This is program "Hot News» and I constant leader Anastasia.
Today our guest in studio is the famous inspector Blunt. He is going to tell us about a sensation and unusual history. An abduction of the white elephant Jambo. Don’t keep us in suspense! Let’s start.
А: And our first question: Who was the robber?
B: We think that it was a band of gangs. Brick Duffy and Red MacFadden were leaders. They made a plan and now we are looking for principals.
A: We are so happy to hear it. What did your feel when you had found an elephant?
B: We were happy and I never doubt that we would fond him.
A: You work for money? For glory? For promotion?
B: Oh, no. We always work for people and their safety.
A: How many people took part in investigation?
B: I think that more then 60 detectives took part in it.
A: We know that this elephant killed a lot of people. Were you scared?
B: No. I understood that if we didn’t do it people would be in danger.
A: And the last question: Do you like you work?
B: Sure, I dreamed about it when I was a child.
А: Thank You for attention.
A+B: Bye! bye!
B: We promise to protect you.

A bitter pill to swallow

A successful investigation was finished last week. Our detectives were great and worked their fingers to the bone. We can proud of them. Hard work helped to solve every case.
And our hero is Inspector Blunt. He is a really shillful detective, he can investigate every sly case. Inspector can indentify robbers only by narrowly noticeable signs.
He was very persistant.



The last but not the least
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